Anthony MacDiarmid I’ve known Rob now for about ten years and I can say without a doubt that Rob is what he says- he is the “Funeral Futurist.” Rob is a techie who knows the funeral business and what the new trends are and I also know from past experiences with Hepp that if I have any problems he will look after them.

During the website development process Hepp gave us great advice; he suggested we post the condolences with the obituary so the families can see them at anytime. I was against this at first thinking it might be inappropriate but I told Hepp I would give it a try, anyhow we now get 3 to 4 times as many online condolences as we did in the past and lots of good comments from the families and the community about us doing this service.

Our favorite feature of the site is being able to put our clients’ Video Tributes up along with their obituary and online condolences. People on the street are asking us who does those lovely video’s of the deceased that are on the website and how much they enjoy them. We have only been posting them now for about a month and families are already asking us if they are able to get that option with their loved one, even before we get the chance to bring it up.

– Anthony MacDiarmid, Owner – Funeral Director, Chandlers’ Funeral Service, Liverpool, Nova Scotia.

Steve HansI heard Hepp speak at the NYSFDA convention in 2008. I realized that he’s a younger guy with a lot of ideas about creating good funeral home websites. I thought it was also a huge benefit that he himself is a funeral director and understands the business.

During the website development process, Hepp would organize 1 on 1 strategy sessions and would use the latest technology such as, Google Documents, etc. to make it easy to work with him and his team. The fact that his office is 3,000 miles away is irrelevant.

If you are considering a new Funeral Home Website, Hepp’s process will get you a very nice looking, functional, powerful website at minimal cost. It’s great that since Hepp is a funeral director himself, he has a great understanding of our business.
– Steve Hans, Owner – Funeral Director, Hans Funeral Home, Albany, New York.

Jake Johnson
“When we decided that we should take our marketing platform “virtual”, we knew that Rob Heppell was the one to do that. Now we don’t have to worry about keeping up with the latest Internet marketing – Rob knows what is available and how it applies to funeral service.’ – Jake Johnson, President, Johnson Funeral Consulting Group

Mark Smith

“Since switching to Heppell’s website system, people are finding the obituaries and leaving condolences even before it appears in the newspaper. Also his makes it so easy to upload obituaries and approve condolences; we will probably save 200 hours of website administration this coming year.” – Mark Smith, Manager, Amos Family Funeral Home, Shawnee, KS

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“Rob I really wanted to thank you about the website that you recently put up for our firm. Of course, we are always sceptical in beginning something new and wonder how much difference and impact it is going to have. Your website did an excellent job. Within the first month we got a call from a family who had been searching on the internet  for Parma funeral homes, which is where our funeral home is located. They were so impressed with our website and said it was the single greatest reason for choosing our funeral home.  We were chosen based on the strength of our website and the features that were involved like the obituary notices, online guestbook and having the capacity to upload video to our website . It really has been a tremendous asset to the company. We are very pleased and so are our families. Keep up the good work Rob.”
Justin Zabor, Zabor Funeral Home, Parma, Ohio